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Denmark has a high number of male pattern patients, therefore hair transplants in Denmark have been on the demand. Despite the high demand, hair transplant costs in Denmark are increasing too. We are an organization with a focus of hair transplants. Our dedicated surgeons and experts perform hair transplants on patients from Denmark, and many other countries. If you are suitable for a hair transplant, after only one session, you can look younger.

Highly Effective Services: Trust Is Important

You can get a highly effective hair transplant result with us, HairWiki. We are known for the quality of our hair transplant surgeries which meet the standards of hair transplants in Denmark, Europe, and the US. Our hair transplant patients enjoy our professional services that range from accommodation to hair treatments. Hair transplant operation is the only permanent solution to male pattern hair loss, and highly effective hair transplant result is one that looks natural. We build our operations on your trust. Being an established institution with many years of experience, we deliver the best services to you.

Our Best Practices

Your welfare matters to us. We have a range of services and treatments for hair loss at HairWiki.

Booking and Consultation

Enjoy the free consultation. There is no obligation to book your hair transplant. Booking is also easy. Unlike in Denmark, it is easier to book a spot that suits you. You do not have to wait for months.


Our experts are dedicated, well-trained, and meticulous.


We offer our services at affordable prices and best qualities. Our experts perform hair transplants: scalp, beard, mustache, eyebrow, and eyelash hair transplants, and implement treatments such as hair PRP for hair loss.

Why Us?

Why not? If you are looking for the quality of hair transplants in Denmark, but wish to pay less, if you want to find a permanent solution for your male pattern baldness, HairWiki is a great choice for you. Find out more about our services, and why you should choose us.

Leading Edge Technology

The equipment we use at HairWiki clinics are no different than the counterparts in Europe. We use leading edge technology in our hair transplant operations.

Wide Range Of Services

Our all-in-one package is an all inclusive one as the name implies. For our patients coming from Denmark, we include the accommodation, the airport pickup, and the hair transplant operation in this package. It is a good value.

Lifelong Results

The hair transplant results are undetectable – in other words they look natural. Your transplanted hair will stay with you all your life.

Personalized Service

Every hair loss patient is different. While male pattern baldness shows patterns, every scalp and hair are different. With that in mind, our teams offer you personalized services according to your hair loss.

Leading Institution

The more operations hair transplant teams perform, the more experience they gain. They see different cases of hair loss and patients. They gain a better understanding of the hair transplants. The main reason for our being a leading institution in hair transplants, is the expertise of our hair transplant teams.

Your Hair Loss Problem Solved In 3 Days

Hair transplant operations do not have to take days or sessions. The operational costs in Turkey allow for the hair transplant surgeons and teams to work 6-8 hours, and this time is often enough to perform a hair transplant. This should never sound rushed though. The 3-day-programme has been developed thanks to the expertise, and skills of our surgeons, and the experience of our staff in the industry. You board your plane in Denmark, arrive in Turkey, get your consultation by your hair transplant surgeon, get your hair transplant, and have your follow-up consultation. After your follow-up consultation, you can return to Denmark if you have to get back to work.

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Top-Class Service

If you never want to settle for less, you are at the right place. Our dedicated surgeons perform top-class and highly effective hair loss treatments and hair transplants, and you can feel as comfortable as you are at home in Denmark thanks to the top-class quality of our full-package.

Clients Testimonials

Our patients highly recommend our services. Here are a few thank you notes we received:

I was shy to get a hair transplant in my home country because I didn’t want people to think that I paid “too much” to get my hair back. It was also the idea that I would go back to work with my newly transplanted hair. And also, of course I didn’t want to spend much money. I thank my surgeon at HairWiki, and you, the HairWiki staff for your help. I combined my annual leave with my hair transplant. When I returned home, my hair transplant was already showing results.

Cumhur O.

Finance Director

My previous hair transplant left me with the worst, the most visible scar ever. I thought I had to live with it forever but thanks to HairWiki, my scar is covered now. I will return soon for a session of hair transplant.

Veyis D.

Web Developer

I was asking myself “How come that cheap?” I wanted to give it a try, and talked to the staff. Then met my hair transplant surgeon. Much recommended. Good quality results. And cheap. I enjoyed Istanbul for five days after my hair transplant without any discomfort. Great city, great food too.

Gökay B.

Business Man

How Much To Pay

Our pricing policy is transparent and affordable:

basic plan

  • FUE Hair Transplant
  • up to 2500 grafts
  • 24/7 Care
  • Medical Expenses
  • Hare Care Set
  • VIP Transfers
  • Hotel for 3 night
Free Consultation

Medi Plus

  • FUE Hair Transplant
  • up to 3500 grafts
  • 24/7 Care
  • Medical Expenses
  • Hare Care Set
  • VIP Transfers
  • Hotel for 3 night
Free Consultation

Medi Complete

  • FUE Hair Transplant
  • up to 4500 grafts
  • 24/7 Care
  • Medical Expenses
  • Hare Care Set
  • VIP Transfers
  • Hotel for 3 night
Free Consultation

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